Daniel Dickinson

Composer. Performer. Educator.

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"Daniel Dickinson is a newcomer to the music scene, though he plays with the instincts of a seasoned performer and the nimbleness of an astute artist who knows his craft inside and out."


"A Gathering Foretold brings together a new and a newer generation of musicians and seems to be presided over by the extraordinary talents of Daniel Dickinson – its notional leader – and Ulysses Owens Jr. –  its facilitator."


"I think what most strikes me is; I did not feel I was listening to a debut offering, this felt accomplished and relevant as an unknown altoist now ready to make his introduction."


"The beautiful sound, excellent technique and energy of his game are very impressive."


"Pure talent from an ascending star."

-Grady Harp

"Dickinson shows warmth along with rich lines..."


"Dickinson plays with maturity and merges the historical language of jazz and all the right elements of modern jazz music."


"...he is able to clearly communicate an emotional melodic line, and in a jazz musician, it doesn't get better than that!"


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